Sam Davis Lodge #661

Officers & Staff

Stated Meetings

First Thursday of Every Month. Eat @ 6p, Meeting @ 7p.


Every Tuesday of the Month, Beginning @ 6p.

Degree Work

Degree Work Scheduled as per the Worshipful Master.

-LodgeOfficers -

Worshipful Master

David Martin

Senior Warden

Zak Smith

Junior Warden

Bobby Pedigo


Larry Hooper


Paul Lamb

Senior Deacon

Jason North

Junior Deacon


Johnny Brown


Mike Grimes

Senior Steward

Junior Steward

Mark Henes


Gary Leffew


Mike Bove

Doug Frazier

Gary Leffew


Zak Smith


Paul Lamb


  • Ben Hubert Johns
  • Egene Hardiman
  • Thomas Harris Seat
  • Authur Lynwood Wilhoite
  • James Leroy Parks
  • Robert Bruce Blackmer
  • Billy Wesley Brown
  • Nick Bee Crowe
  • James William Allen
  • Freddie Russell Terry SR
  • James Fred Johnson
  • John Warren Gilbert Smith
  • Evertt Douglas Kilgrow
  • Odis Rhea Phillips
  • Randle Wilhelm Hill JR
  • Stephen Gray Morgan
  • John Edward Moore
  • Jackie William Wood
  • John Gibb Savage
  • James Lowell Ross
  • Jerry Lamar Chunn
  • Richard Rodney Long
  • David Franklin Austin
  • Richard Gooch Johns
  • Larry Carlton Hooper
  • James Glenn Crook
  • Jimmy Dale Pressley
  • William Storey
  • Charles Leer Ramiller
  • Sewell Fleix Summers JR

Sam Davis Lodge #661 is a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons operating within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. The intent of this web site is to serve as an expanded method of communication, for both Lodge members and members of the general public who may be interested in Freemasonry.

Got Questions?

  1. 1
    What's the point of Freemasonry?

    Simply put, to make good men better. But the longer version is up to the brothers within. Each lodge is different, but we strive to make this world a better place through our efforts in the community, outreach,  and brotherly love.

  2. 2
    How do I become a Mason?

    Find your local lodge (or wherever you wish to join) and visit the brothers there. Once there you can petition to receive the three degrees.

  3. 3
    Are you a secret society?

    No. We are a society with secrets. But rest assured, it is NOT nefarious, as the internet would have you believe.

  4. 4
    What can I gain from Freemasonry?

    If financial, connections, status, or any gain of the like are your forethought then Masonry is not for you. However if you are looking to become a more involved, active, caring, and generally better man — you may gain much from Masonry. Like so much in life, you get out what you put in.

  5. 5
    Do Freemasons only help Freemasons?

    No. From the beginning Freemasonry has given support not only for widows and
    orphans of Freemasons but also for many other organizations within and around the community. Local food pantries, Churches, Homeless, Youth organizations, and many more.

  6. 6
    What if I still have questions?

    Either ask a brother you know to be a Freemason, Visiting your local lodge, or feel free to contact us at your leisure.